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Our teaching includes lectures, seminars, practical training and colloquia for psychology majors (B.Sc and M.Sc) as well as educational science classes for students enrolled in teacher training.

Bachelor of Science (Psychology):

Developmental Psychology (Module B.J.)

  1. -Winter term: Developmental Psychology A (Lecture)

  2. -Summer term: Developmental Psychology B (Lecture); Childhood and adolescence (Seminar), Lifespan cognitive development (Seminar), Cognitive training (Seminar), Gerontopsychology (Seminar); Developmental psychopathology (Seminar)

Educational Psychology (Modules B.Q./B.R.)

  1. -Winter term: Intelligence and giftedness (Seminar), Motivation and self concept (Seminar), Self-regulated learning (Seminar), Bilingualism and learning (Seminar), Early interventions (Seminar), Cognitive training (Seminar), Design of learning environments (Seminar), Learning disabilities in the classroom (Seminar), Demands and challenges of the teaching profession (Seminar)

  2. -Summer term: Educational Psychology (Lecture); Learning disabilities (Seminar), Educational interventions (Seminar), Developmental diagnostic methods (Seminar), Education and socialization (Seminar)

Master of Science (Psychology):

Applied Developmental Psychology (Module M.L.)

  1. -Winter term: Applied Developmental Psychology (Seminar), Research methods in developmental psychology (Seminar)

  2. -Summer term: Cognitive and neural plasticity across the lifespan (Seminar)

Educational Science (Teacher training):

  1. -Winter term: Childhood development, learning and motivation (lecture); selected seminars

  2. -Summer term: Childhood development, learning and motivation (lecture); selected seminars